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Helpful Tips On Do It Yourself Glitter Toes

If you have a tight schedule, it is obvious that you might be too busy to visit a spa regularly. However, you cannot compromise on your looks and your presentability. One of the most neglected parts of the body are the feet. Untidy feet with chipped nail-polishes are the biggest turn-offs, whether you are at the college or at the office. You should take care of your toenails if you want to wear stilettos and open-toe shoes. Do you wish for something that would let you have sparkling nails and attractive feet for ever without the need for frequent visits to the salons? Then you should try do it yourself or DIY Glitter Toes. You can get salon-inspired nails at home with such products.


Getting chic, attractive toenails has never been easier! The do it yourself glitter toe nails will make you feel sparkled all the time; and, the best part is it stays for a long, long time! You can buy such products from a reputed online retailer and beauty products suppliers. Now, it will neither be expensive nor be time-consuming to get feet that stays stylish for long. Do you know how to apply such products yourself at home? Here's a short guide to help you with the application of do it yourself glitter toes:


  • Firstly, you should remove all traces of nail polishes from your nails. For doing this, you can use nail polish remover and apply it with cotton balls. Make it a point to remove nail polishes from the base of the toenails and the cuticle.


  • Now you should clean your feet. For this you can fill a foot bath with warm water. You can also add foot salts to soften and rejuvenate your feet. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells on the feet. You can also use a pumice stone to clean the rough patches of toes.




  • Remember, you should dry the feet completely before applying do it yourself glitter toes. Then apply the thin base coat on the nails. This will prevent premature chipping of the nail varnish.


  • After the base coat dries, you can apply the color polish on top. You can use a nail polish of your favorite color. Let the coat to dry slightly before applying the glitter coat. You should check out the latest nail art trends before choosing the style and color of do it yourself glitter toes. You can apply more than one coat if required.


Now you've got toes that will remain sparkling for a long time without any chips and smudges!

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